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Good Luck Anglers! A Quick Word about the 19th Annual Placencia Saltwater Fishing Tournament

Lucky, Jordan, and Casey of Team Zella with a 26lb kingfish

Percy Gordon of Team Zella

With the 19th Annual Placencia Fishing Tournament fast approaching (Sept. 9th & 10th), I can't help but reflect on my experience five years ago in the same event. Though it was a test of endurance (22 hrs on a 25' boat over a span of two days), it was definitely a "bucket list" moment for me. The opportunity to fish a tournament with a few good friends- in the Caribbean, no less- is something I'll never forget. Though I won't be competing in the tournament this year, I will be cheering on the anglers from the pier- and enjoying the fruits of their labor at my favorite local restaurants... Tight Lines!


The Annual Saltwater Fishing Tournament in Placencia has become quite the event- drawing fisherfolk and spectators from all over Belize. Together with the Sidewalk Arts Festival in February, and Lobsterfest in June, there really is no "off season" in Placencia. If you're interested in being apart of the 2017 Placencia Fishing Tournament, or just want to be a part of the festivities, visit for more info.

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