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5 Must-Do's in Belize (that aren't the Blue Hole)

Belize has become one of the world's top destinations for eco-tourists & adventurists alike- and for good reason.  The topography of Belize is as diverse as its culture: mountain rain forests, pine ridge plains, jungle rivers & swamps, and, of course, the Belizean Barrier Reef.  The Great Blue Hole has gotten a lot of attention since Jacques Cousteau named it one of the top 10 dive sites in the world, but that is certainly not the only thing that draws adventurers to Belize.  Here are 5 must-do's for your next trip to Belize:

Swim with the Whale Sharks

Whale Shark

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Attracted by the spawn of snapper, these gentle giants tend to congregate around Gladden Spit (22 miles offshore from Placencia) in the days before & after full moons from March thru June.  There are several dive shops that offer whale-shark snorkeling & diving, including Splash Dive Center and Seahorse Dive Shop- both in Placencia.


Windsurfer in Placencia

Windsurf in Placencia

Watersports like stand-up paddling boarding, kayaking, sailing, and now windsurfing have become popular in Placencia.  You're sure to see a few colorful sails go by as you relax on the beach.



Hook a Permit on a Fly Rod

Permit are notoriously skittish fish and stubborn fighters. Couple this with the light touch of a fly rod and there's no wonder that no wonder why this fish is considered by many anglers to be their "white whale."  Fisherman from around the world flock the the flats of the Turneffe Atoll for a chance at these elusive fish.

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See the Scarlet Macaws at Red Bank

Scarlet Macaw

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Each year between January & March, a flock of hundreds of scarlet macaws are drawn to the jungle around the small village of Red Bank by the seasonal fruit of the annato tree.  The road to Red Bank, located off the Southern Highway, is about 4 miles long and is more of a jungle trail- so be ready for a few bumps!


Zip-Line at Blue Creek

The zip line at Blue Creek in southern Belize is one of the longest in Central America, and a good day-trip if you're staying in Placencia or Punta Gorda.  Zoom through the jungle canopy as you criss-cross the water on 9 runs and 15 platforms.

Tell us about your favorite Belize experience in the comments section below!  In the meantime, subscribe to learn about more of what makes Belize an adventurist's paradise...

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