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Hubba-Hubba Buba Wuba!

Don't get me wrong- I love the live music, stiff cocktails (and stiffer breeze), and party atmosphere of the beach-side bars as much as the next sandy-toed Gringo, but sometimes it’s nice to have a conversation without having to yell across the table- or to look around and not be the only patron not born under the Clinton administration. Enter my new favorite watering hole: Buba Wuba Grill & Smoke Shack.


Located on the Lagoon down Harbour Place North, “Buba Wuba” is roughly translated Garifuna for the common Spanish phrase: “Mi casa es su casa.” And it is a “Shack:” a small kitchen with an attached open-air bar sheltered by a steel beam and metal roof (the handiwork of proprietor and ex-ironworker, Bobby).


Buba Wuba is open from 11AM to 7PM (that’s right Millenials- 7PM. Some of us have to work in the morning), and serves up breakfast, lunch and <an early> dinner. The menu is surprisingly diverse from omelets & fry jacks, to burgers and Cubans, along with ceviche & shrimp- and if you’re wondering where the “Smoke” in Smoke Shack comes in: smoked chicken and pulled pork tacos!

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